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Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Welcome to the ACS Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division

Inaugural Webinar

Use of Agro-based Materials to Reduce Plastic Pollution


Dr. H.N. Cheng

AGFD Fellow and ACS Past President

July 24, 2024

10 AM Central Time

Spring Cornucopia Newsletter

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Spring 2024 Cornucopia with Abstracts

Spring 2024 Cornucopia without Abstracts

Upcoming ACS National and AGFD Meetings 

AGFD News and upcoming events

·        The 4th International Flavor and Fragrance Conference will take place November 4-7, 2024 in Auckland, New Zealand. For more information contact Michael Qian at:·       

We would like to remind you of the excellent value that AGFD brings, including excellent technical programs, social events, student and young scientist awards, a quarterly newsletter, AGFD Facebook page ( and so much more. 


We hope you value this membership and will encourage students, colleagues, and perhaps yourself (has your membership lapsed?) to join or renew your membership in the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division.·        Applications can be found at our Division website (  We appreciate your membership and look forward to your help in growing our outstanding division.​


AGFD Strategic Planning:

A strategic planning retreat for our division, facilitated by ACS, was held on the first weekend of October at ACS HQ in Washington, DC. Several senior AGFD officers and councilors participated in this highly productive weekend to discuss and plan new initiatives and directions for the division in the coming and future years. We especially thank Councilor Lauren Jackson for coordinating this event and securing financial support from ACS. ​


AGFD Executive Committee and Members

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All Videos



Community and Your Profession

Timely technical symposia

Engage scientists to advance our field

Celebrate Your Community

Mentorship, Awards and Recognition

Cornucopia Issues

Spring 2024 Cornucopia with Abstracts

Spring 2024 Cornucopia without Abstracts

Fall 2023 Cornucopia with Abstracts

Fall 2023 Cornucopia without Abstracts

Spring 2023 Cornucopia with Abstracts

Spring 2023 Cornucopia without Abstracts

Fall 2022 Cornucopia with Abstracts

Fall 2022 Cornucopia without Abstracts

Spring 2022 Cornucopia with Abstracts

Spring 2022 Cornucopia

Fall 2021 Cornucopia

Spring 2021 Cornucopia

Fall 2020 Cornucopia

Spring 2020 Cornucopia

Careers and Positions

Advance your career with AGFD and ACS

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Assistant Professor - Phytochemical/Functional Food Chemist

Assistant Professor, Sustainable Food Technology

UC-Davis Post-doctoral Positions

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ACS Council News

Passing of Dr. G. K Jayaprakasha

Dr. Guddadarangavvanahally K Jayaprakasha (Jay), 59, Research Professor, Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center (VFIC), Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, TX, USA, died on October 25, 2020 of brain cancer. 

Jay is survived by his wife Savitha, two children Shreyas and Swathi, father Krishnareddy Kommein, four
siblings and in-laws Vasudevareddy and Savitramma.

AGFD Resources

Complete document of AGFD resources, including current officers, symposium organizer guide, symposium request form, and subdivision officers guide.

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